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Short URL https://www.bspcpd.london/courses/bookings/c_detail.asp?cid=902 
Event code BSP 21/027 
Event description These network meetings provide an opportunity for updates, discussion and training in relation to current developments in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The core aim of the meetings will be to enable leaders to fulfil their roles with confidence, and to provide a network of support.

Each session will incorporate updates on National Issues, signposting to resources and external CPD opportunities, networking, and a more detailed look on one key aspect of the subject leader role. 
Training objectives  
Event Categories Behaviour, Curriculum, EYFS, Governance, Leadership and Management, Safeguarding, SEND and Inclusion, Subject/Aspect Lead, Teaching,Learning and Assessment
Target audience All School Staff
Venue Zoom, ., . map
Admin contact Danielle Ryan (Danielle.ryan@bsp.london)
Trainer Janine Blinko
Course Costs
Special Cost £0.00
Non Member Cost £50.00
Brent Schools Partnership Cost £0.00
Start date Thursday 6 May 2021
Expiry Date Thursday 6 May 2021
Times 09:30 - 11:30
Number of sessions 1